Jar-shaped Instant Coffee Can

Twist-off Cap 200g Jar Can

Easy to have and to hold… The reclosable twist-off steel lid closes tight to preserve the richness of the coffee’s aroma and taste intact inside. Our customer was searching for a new, cooler look for this traditional product, a facelift of sorts. Our answer was a unique, curvy stylized shape that would stand out on the shelf and still be identified with a highly popular brand.
Reclosable twist-off easy-open end
Protects from light, oxygen, insects
Completely printable surface on varying diameters and distinctive shapes
Can be tailored to branding requirements

Product Specs.

Label Spec
Diameter of Body 83mm
Expansion 11.5%
Bottom 83mm
Lid 83mm
Volume 960cm3
Height 143mm
Tamper evident easy peel-off sealing film
Twist-off cap All recyclable metal

Caniel Express - The Innovation Accelerator

This proven method speed-develops complex products in just months, much shorter than the usual industry norm. Customer driven, we never take no for an answer in our quest for the next big thing that may fit their needs.
We provide solutions from concept to production line implementation by blending Technological Capability, Knowledge, Experience, Market Expertise and Global Collaboration Partnerships within our Professional Ecosystem.

Customer/Consumer Problem

A creative process begins, including technical and cost feasibility analysis.
Niche Specialists

Collaboration with Niche Specialists

In and outside the industry for modular solutions in order to speed up capability and scalability, much like open-source thinking.
Building a Rough
Initial Mockup

Building a Rough Initial Mockup

Using original techniques, in order to check feasibility and confirm alternatives for review.
A Virtual
Interdisciplinary Hub Lab

A Virtual Interdisciplinary Hub Lab

Including product designers, materials experts, production engineers, legal advisors (patents), process engineers, and printing experts.

Small Scale Production Prototypes

Made in close cooperation with the relevant multifunctional client teams.
a Concept

Moving On To Production

Further development and implementation or adaptation for manufacturing scale-up.

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