We make steel cans for a broad range of product categories such as Food & Beverages, Industrials & Chemicals, and Aerosols.

All products
are BPA NI

Made of 100% recyclable steel

Meet food regulation standards

Undergo strict
quality control

Tuna Fish
In Development
HP/Indigo Toner
Vivid colors
Chubby Drink Can
Make it Pop!
Nescafe Coffee
Sleek & Chic

The Caniel Originals Showcase

Who says cans can’t be fun?

Looking to solve some annoying problem you encounter every day? Or to give your product a different look? A unique functionality?
You’ve come to the right place.
We make your canning fantasies come true, with products that are fresh, cool and functional.
Together, we can develop packaging solutions for a better consumer experience. Practical. Easy. Hassle Free. Recyclable.